New import options, Whisper desktop integration and enhanced search

In the spirit of data-portability (one of our values at Reflect), we're incredibly excited to announce a host of new import and export options.

New import options, Whisper desktop integration and enhanced search
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New imports

Reflect users can now import their existing notes from Evernote, Roam, Obsidian, Workflowy and Apple Notes.
To import your notes, head to the preferences page (keyboard shortcut: cmd + ,) and select the graph you want to import to. You can then choose the proper format depending on the file type you are importing.
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If you want to migrate your notes from Apple Notes, we have a script that converts them into HTML files, which you can then upload. See how on our video walkthrough for Apple Notes. We also have a demo video on how to migrate your notes from Evernote.
You can learn more about importing and exporting notes on Reflect Academy.

Export options

Reflect users can also export their notes in both HTML and Markdown.

Whisper integration for desktop

We have released the desktop integration of OpenAI's Whisper. This provides near human-level transcriptions of voice notes.
Simply tap the microphone icon, and record a message. Your audio will be transcribed and appended to the day's daily note.
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Next month we will be adding the technology to our mobile app.
A note regarding security: we delete the audio recordings and plain text transcriptions as soon as they're processed.
We are also releasing an improved search engine. Not only did we speed things up, but we added both prefix and fuzzy matching.
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Give it a whirl with (cmd + k)

Other improvements

  • Fixed the double space period shortcut on mobile
  • Improve formatting of incoming backlinks
  • Improved speed of app startup
  • Improved the formatting of lists copied to the clipboard
  • Fixed a bug with the (cmd + d daily-note-focus shortcut
  • Fixed a state bug happening when audio recordings were in quick succession

Do you have a blog, newsletter or YouTube channel?

We'd love to work with you in getting the word out about Reflect!
We are starting to experiment with some content, and would love your help! Regardless of how big or small your channel is, we want to start with our own community. Reach out to if you'd like to give us a hand!

What are we building next?

  • Stay tuned for an AI-related project we are releasing soon
  • Improvements to our Task beta
  • Readwise integration for ebook and article highlights
  • Mobile and desktop app performance improvements
Lastly, we want to thank everyone who filled in our end of year survey. This helps us immensely in where to go next. You can see a brief summary of the results in this Twitter thread .

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