Office 365 support and Task’s beta

Lots of news this month - we've been ship-ship-shipping! From task management, to Office 365 integrations, to UX improvements. Let's get to it.

Office 365 support and Task’s beta

Office 365 support

One of the best ways of using Reflect is for taking meeting notes. However typing who you're meeting, at what time, etc, was quite tedious. So we built an integration into Google Calendar to make it easy to import meetings and add them to your daily note.
It turns out that many people using Office 365 for their work,
so today we're releasing Office 365 calendar support.
To link your account, please navigate to Reflect's preferences → Connections.
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Aggregate Task Management

Our long awaited task-management is finally here. Or at least, a beta of it is. We are still designing this and tweaking the user-experience. If you have opinions about this, or are just curious about seeing how a product is made, please join our Discord. We have a budding community in there geeking out about note-taking.
You can enroll in the Task's beta here.
As soon as you enroll you'll see a 'Tasks' tab inside of Reflect. Going forward, as you edit notes the tasks contained in them will be synchronized to this tab.
Be warned - we are actively working and improving this feature. Things may change! And currently we have no mobile integration (but it's coming soon!).
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Pinned notes are sortable

Previously pinned notes were sorted alphabetically. But you can now click and drag on your pinned notes to re-order them.
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Kindle syncing improvements

We've improved our Chrome Extension with a lovely new design and a new Kindle sync area where you can see the status of all Kindle syncs.
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That’s all for now!