Think better with Reflect

Keep track of your notes, books, and meetings.

Built for speed

Syncronized in real-time between all your devices.

Networked notes

Backlink notes to each other to form a graph of ideas.

iOS app

Capture ideas on the go, online or offline.

End-to-end encryption

Super secure. Only you have access to your data.

Calendar integration

Add people and meetings from Google Calendar.


One-click publishing to the web.

Kindle import

Sync your book highlights and notes.

In your browser

Capture snippets from Safari and Chrome.

Networked notetaking

Give your brain superpowers

Associate notes using backlinks, mirroring the way your mind works. Trace associations to give you instant recall.

Your thoughts connected

Use backlinking technology to link and recall notes.

With instant access

Retrieve and search your notes instantly. Online or offline.


Improve your network

Easily pull up a running list of your meeting-notes and conversations with people.


Centralize your research

Pull in your Kindle highlights, web snippets, and notes into one place. Blazing-fast search at your fingertips.

Integrated with your devices

We are where you are, mobile or desktop, online or offline. And we keep everything in sync.

Secure but open

End-to-end encryption keeps your notes secure. Our export and API keeps your notes accessible.

Loved by thinkers

Here's what people are saying about us

Absolutely loving @reflectnotes. The visualisation of the neural network is superb and seeing it develop makes me want to take daily notes. The back-linking makes associations effortless. Hats off to @maccaw and his team, it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for🙏
Jonathan Simcoe
All righty. I have to give a massive shout-out to @maccaw for pioneering @reflectnotes. It has already matured to a point where it is a daily driver for me. The speed, focus, and attention to detail (especially perfect bits of structured data) is superb.
Ryan Delk
Don’t take it from me: @reflectnotes is magic.
Sean Rose
Really, really liking @reflectnotes so far. It's just the right amount of simple/fast for a personal note taking app and does most of the hard work of organizing in the background.
demetria r giles
Playing around with @reflectnotes. I’m back logging key thoughts, details and soundbites from episodes, books, meetings, articles, etc from the past week. So far, it’s a knowledge worker’s dream come true. 🧠👍🏽
Fabrizio Rinaldi
I’m keeping @reflectnotes open *all* the time, and I’m using both for simple journaling, and long form writing. It’s rare to see a single app work so well for both.
Jeremy McPeak
I just received an invite to @reflectnotes, and holy crap! It is well thought out, and I can see this being my note-taking platform going forward. Well done! I'm looking forward to seeing how the app progresses.
Sam Jenkins
@reflectnotes is probably the best new product I've used this year. Clearly made by a team that understand product. The little nuances, the simplicity and the automation of common daily workflows is life-changing. Well played @maccaw this is a sensational product 🙌
Flour storm
@maccaw holy shit reflect app design is so good my writing and introspective ability went up 10x since i got it. was using bear/notion before but the simplicity of reflect is beautiful.

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