Fundraising update, split pane view and beta Whisper integration

This month we've been heads down working on improving Reflect and closing our funding round.

Fundraising update, split pane view and beta Whisper integration

Fundraising update

A month ago we announced our community round. We've been overwhelmed with the support from all of you. We have $630k committed from our customers, with an additional $400k from some bigger angels, for a grand total of just over a $1M USD.As far as we are aware this is a first: a tech company raising a community round where the aim is to grow responsibly, get profitable, and profit share along the way. We don't want to IPO. We don't want to exit. We just want to build a delightful notes app.We will be closing out the round on November 15th. If you haven't yet participated, and are interested, it's still possible until that date.

Split pane support

Yesterday we quietly shipped a long-awaited feature:
In short you can now edit and view two notes at the same time.
To activate split-pane, try clicking a backlink while holding down
the command key (or control if you're on Windows). To close, hit escape.
notion image
Of course you can also activate with the keyboard. Highlight a backlink (using the arrow keys) and then press command enter.

Beta Whisper integration

One month ago OpenAI released a state of the art speech transcription AI called Whisper. This AI can transcribe audio from practically any language with human-level accuracy.Verbal memos have long been a dream of note-takers, starting from Captain Picard on the Star Trek Enterprise. But, until now, the accuracy hasn't been there.We were curious to see if Whisper had changed that. So we built an integration that transcribes memos and inserts them into your daily note.
After playing around with it for a week or so, we're convinced. First, Whisper is unbelievably accurate. Second, we're addicted to audio memos.
This integration is definitely a bit of an experiment so we're going to open up the beta slowly. If you'd like to be involved and try it out, please respond to this email and let us know.
We think AI and note-taking have huge potential together. From search, to spelling, to writing prompts, and more. Stay tuned.
notion image

Mobile navigation

We've improved the navigation on our mobile app. Pressing 'back', or swiping back, will now take you where you'd expect. We've also improved the performance and loading speed of the app. And, for those of you who like using multiple graphs, we've made it simpler to switch between them.

Calendar improvements

If you hover over the days in our calendar you'll see a little purple dot indicating if you have any notes written for that day.

Free for students

Today we are announcing that any student currently enrolled at university (with a .edu email address) can get a free year of Reflect. To apply, please see our new student landing page.

What are we building next?

Our aggregate tasks view has been in beta for a month or so now, and we've gathered a ton of feedback. It's now time to take that input and finish the product. We want to ship this before the end of the year.
Another thing we'd like to finish this year is improving our search. Things like scroll to tags you select through search, or highlighting queries. This is all being worked on.
Lastly, although we can't promise we'll finish this in the next few 2 months, we're working on our iPad app.
All of this comes directly from our roadmap as upvoted by you. If there's more stuff you think we should be working on, give us a holler there.