Reflect AI

We’re kicking off 2023 by launching an AI integration that can drastically improve how you write and take notes.  Our AI palette allows you to quickly highlight text and perform transformations on it. For example summarizing a note, fixing grammar and formalizing your writing, or pulling out key-points and action items.

Reflect AI
Behind the scenes we’re harnessing the power of OpenAI’s state-of-the-art GPT3.5 model. We’ve provided some pre-set prompts but because the technology is so versatile you can also throw anything you can think of at it (like “rewrite as a pirate shanty”). The limit is truly your imagination.
Watch this video of Sam walking through the product.
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A quick FAQ

These are my notes, why would I want an AI generating text?
Rather than generating more text, we’ve found this tech is more useful for reducing text. Summarization and the like. For example, it’s great for listing key-takeaways from a Whisper transcript.
What about security - are my notes still end-to-end encrypted?
Yes - your notes are just as safe as before. If you don’t use this feature, nothing you write will be shared. If you do use this feature, only text you’ve highlighted will be sent to OpenAI.
Is AI going to be a priority for Reflect going forward?
We do expect we’ll do more here, but our highest priority is still focusing on the basics, things like speed and performance (especially for our mobile client). And, when we do release more AI features, we want to make sure it blends into the note-taking experience beautifully (rather than cramming in for features sake). For example, we’re looking into running models on the client which will let us do sophisticated grammar checks without latency or privacy issues.

What kind of things can you have the AI palette do?

  1. Create more useful notes – Generate long and short summaries, outlines and action lists from the notes you take.
  1. Write better – Simplify, rephrase and condense your writing in Reflect using AI, then have it fix your spelling and grammar.
  1. Generate counter arguments – Have the AI palette act as an intellectual sparring partner, directly in your notes.
  1. Write more, faster – Got writer's block? Use the AI palette to continue writing in your existing style, and produce title suggestions for articles.
  1. Ask it anything you want – Get word counts, synonyms and definitions while writing. Translate texts you’ve saved within your notes to another language. Ask it to analyze the tone of a message before you send it. Just use the open field text box.

How can I access the AI palette?

  1. Highlight any text
  1. Press cmd j (or control j on Windows), or select some text and click on the magic wand
  1. Either select one of the existing options, or use the open text box to give your own commands
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To learn more and see a walkthrough, head to our Reflect Academy page.
If you haven’t yet, I also highly recommend joining the Workflows channel within our Discord Community. You can see how other people are using the AI palette, and share your own findings.

What are we building next?

  • Improvements to our Task beta
  • Readwise integration for ebook and article highlights
  • Mobile and desktop app performance improvements