Toolshed #006 - Fabrizio Rinaldi of Typefully

Fabrizio Rinaldi is the Co-founder of Typefully – a tool that lets you schedule and collaborate on Twitter drafts. Check out some of his other favorite tools, his office setup and his daily habits.

Toolshed #006 - Fabrizio Rinaldi of Typefully
Location: Lisbon, Portugal

What do Fabrizio’s workdays look like?

  • Pretty free and flexible – Typefully is asynchronous (no meetings) and remote
  • 20min of Twitter scrolling in the morning while drinking coffee
  • His work is now 100% focused on Typefully after selling Mailbrew, his previous project last year
  • Sometimes he works from a coffee shop – he has a specialty coffee obsession

What does his work setup look like?

Fabrizio has put a lot of thought and effort into his home office, particularly because he suffers from back pain.
  • 2020 M1 MacBook Pro (thinking about those new Airs though)
notion image

What are his favorite digital tools?

  • Reflect - His note-taking tool ❤️
  • Arc - A web browser that gives you a more customized experience
  • Things - A todo manager that he keeps coming back to
  • Raycast - A productivity launcher that lets you complete tasks faster
  • my mind - Where he organizes images, quotes and other things that inspire him
  • CleanShot - A screenshot tool with good editing features
  • Texts - Collects all your messages across platforms into one space
  • Screen Studio - Screen recording tool that works great for product demos and GIFs
  • Gifski - Lets you create high quality GIFs from videos
  • Choosy - Automatically opens links in the correct browser
  • Cron - A next generation calendar tool
  • Flighty - A flight tracking tool that’s useful if you travel a lot
  • Shadow PC - Lets you stream Windows on any device
Fabrizio’s home screen
Fabrizio’s home screen

What daily habits does Fabrizio partake in?

  • Fabrizio fasts until lunchtime, but starts the day brewing a V60 coffee
  • He spends 1-2 hours skateboarding each day – something he picked up during the pandemic
  • At the end of the day he’ll wind down with a gaming session

You can follow Fabrizio and his work with Typefully on Twitter!

Written by

Sam Claassen
Sam Claassen

Head of Growth at Reflect