Toolshed #005 - Thomas Sanlis of Uneed

The workspace, tools and habits of Thomas Sanlis – the teacher, freelance developer, designer and indie maker who created Uneed.

Toolshed #005 - Thomas Sanlis of Uneed

What does a work day for Francesco look like?

  • Working on Uneed – getting caught up on reviews, tool submissions and emails
  • Preparing lessons for the classes he teaches
  • Creating mock-ups for clients
  • Working on personal projects

What are some notable parts of his office setup?

  • Hag Capisco chair – an office chair shaped like a horse saddle, so you can sit and lounge on it multiple ways
  • BenQ screen lamp – this helps alleviate eye strain by illuminating only the screen without any reflections
  • Desk: custom wood plank with a flexispot for the standing desk
notion image
notion image

What are some of Thomas’ favorite apps?

  • Todist – for task tracking across multiple projects
  • BrainFM – a music app that increases focus (he’s been using it for years)
  • Klokki – tracks his time as a freelancer
notion image

Some habits that are important to Thomas:

  • Thomas starts the day by listing the tasks he wants to accomplish in his day (tries to set a max of 10)
  • 10 minutes of journaling – usually a reflection on the day ahead
  • Start the day by working from a standing desk
  • Walk for 20 minutes each day outside
  • Keeping a clean and aesthetically pleasing workspace

You can follow Thomas and his work on Twitter!