Toolshed #008 – Shpetim Ujkani from Google

See what the workspace, tools and habits of a Senior Designer of Cloud Security UX at Google. Shpetim Ujkani leads the design of Attack Surface Management, part of Google Cloud.

Toolshed #008 – Shpetim Ujkani from Google

What do most of Shpetim’s days look like?

Shpetim gets bored fairly easily, so his days are dynamic with a mix of general rules and rituals sprinkled in.
The first half of his days are free of meetings. He uses this time for focus and exploratory work.
Most of his work outside of this is spent tackling design requests.

Shpetim’s physical work setup

Shpetim has been evolving this office space for over four years. There have been many subtle, custom-made additions over time, making it cozier and more distinctive than just the standard workspace.
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Some of his favorite physical tools

  • iPad Pro – this is what he uses for freely making and exploring sketches within design programs like Figma.

Shpetim’s most important digital tools

  • Figma – his go-to design tool that is pretty much always open on some device
  • Paper by WeTransfer – daily app he uses for sketches and explorations
  • 1Password – password manager he couldn’t live without
  • Any podcast app!
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What habits are important to Shpetim?

Shpetim was lucky to get exposed very early on in his career to the psychology of how habits can change/direct one’s life in an unconscious way. Because of this he’s tried to be extremely conscious about the things he does every day.
  • Daily reading – there’s rarely a day he doesn’t read a few pages from one of his in-progress books or articles.
  • Deliberately taking breaks throughout the day to spend time with loved ones.
  • Taking long term breaks from work – traveling and taking breaks for health and creativity.
  • Do some type of daily exercise—be it a few push-ups, squats or just walking.

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Sam Claassen
Sam Claassen

Head of Growth at Reflect