Toolshed #004 - Francesco D'Alessio of Keep Productive

Francesco D'Alessio shows us his professional video setup.  He’s the host of the Keep Productive – a YouTube channel with 330k+ subscribers that helps people to find the perfect productivity tools. He also now runs a Tool Finder that matches people with those tools.

Toolshed #004 - Francesco D'Alessio of Keep Productive

What does a work day for Francesco look like?

  1. Finding tools, categorizing them and understanding them
  1. Creating YouTube content around these tools
  1. Writing articles, blog posts and lists
  1. Answering emails and administering

What are some notable parts of his work setup?

  • Elgato lights – for recording videos
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What are some unique digital tools Francesco uses?

  • Cron - for calendar events and scheduling meetings
  • Twist - for team communication
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Some important habits in Francesco’s routine

  • Walks without headphones Taking headphones off when walking and listening to the birds as a replacement for sitting meditations.
  • Quick boxing sessions A weekly session for 20 minutes helps take out any leftover energy or work worries.
  • Coffee shop focus – Working in coffee shops in the morning and afternoon with good headphones helps him focus.
  • Mindful meetings – Once a week, Francesco grabs 30 minutes to do a meeting with himself (preferably with carrot cake). It’s a holistic zoom-out to assess where he’s heading.
  • Timed daily espresso – Now that Francesco has a kid, he times his work around 2 daily shots of espresso for a big productivity unlock.

Check out Francesco’s productivity channel, Keep Productive on YouTube! He’s also just launched to help people find productivity software.

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