Toolshed #003 - Erifili from the Z Link

Erifili is the CEO of The Z Link – the first Gen Z-led social media agency that helps brands reach Gen Z. She’s also on the Forbes 30 Under 30 List.

Toolshed #003 - Erifili from the Z Link
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What do her days look like?

  1. 1:1 meetings
  1. Answering emails
  1. Social media strategy and consulting work
  1. Growth and long-term strategy

Erifili’s physical work setup

  • Macbook pro M1
  • Apple wireless keyboard & trackpad
  • IKEA laptop stand with a drawer and storage for the keyboard and trackpad underneath.
  • Espresso 15 inch touch portable monitor that can be used vertically and also as a touchscreen tablet
notion image

Her favorite digital tools

  1. Arc – a browser that puts everything you care about in one place.
  1. Superhuman – an email power-user app.
  1. Notion – her preferred project management tool.
Erifili’s computer dock
Erifili’s computer dock

Habits that Erifili keeps up

  • Peloton cycling and reformer pilates for regular exercise
  • Journaling for clearer thinking, self-understanding, and meditation
  • Going outside for short walks or errands to maintain well-being

Thanks Erifili!

You can follow Erifili on Twitter to stay posted on her work.