Reflect Update: International Keyboard Support

We’ve added support that makes using shortcuts on International Keyboards a lot easier.

Reflect Update: International Keyboard Support
Reflect has keyboard shortcuts for almost everything. This makes it incredibly easy to navigate the app without having to touch your mouse.
Before now, these shortcuts were focused on the U.S. keyboard layout. This presented some friction for our non-U.S. users.
We’ve now added support for international keyboards. Below we’ll explain how it works, and also introduce a series featuring new note-taking workflows.

⌨️International keyboard support

By default, Reflect will automatically detect what keyboard your system is set to. If you’re multilingual, it even works when you toggle between different keyboard languages.
The one exception is when you are using Reflect in Safari, so we’ve also added the ability to manually select the layout in your preferences.
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💡Tip: click on the question mark next to your profile name in the lower left corner of the app, then click “Keyboard shortcuts”. Here you’ll be able to see what the custom shortcuts are for your language.
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📝New note-taking workflow series

We’ve started sharing new weekly note-taking workflows every Monday. Each one breaks down the workflow into steps with images and gifs.
The newsletter is separate from this email list you’re currently on, so if you’d like to receive them you can subscribe here.
You can read a few of our existing ones on how to use Reflect to take video and audio book notes, how to chat with research you save and more.

Written by

Alex MacCaw
Alex MacCaw

Founder and CEO of Reflect