Reflect Update: New backlink picker and more

We’ve updated our backlink picker, added forward and back buttons and more.

Reflect Update: New backlink picker and more
The quality of a note-taking tool comes down to the little things.
How fast the app opens. The subtleties in the text-editing. The nuances in the navigation. All these details have to be carefully thought through and polished.
For a networked note-taking app like Reflect, the backlink picker plays a huge role here. We’ve released a major update to Reflect’s backlink picker, as well as a handful of small features, performance improvements and bug fixes.
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Ideally, when you type [[ to create a backlink, the note you are looking for would be right at the top.
We’ve improved both the design and the order of the backlink picker. Whatever you type after [[ now appears as bold text in the suggested notes.
You’ll also notice the overall ordering of suggested backlinks is much better. We prioritize recently created and updated notes, as well as other notes that have a lot of incoming backlinks. This makes it a lot faster to find the note you are looking for.

↔️ Added forward and back buttons

We’ve added forward and back buttons on the desktop, web and iPad apps. While we know that many of you use our keyboard shortcuts for navigation, this was a popular feature request, especially for our iPad app.
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☑️ Toggle tasks and checklists on mobile

On our mobile iOS app, tapping the checkbox button on the editor menu will toggle between checklists and tasks.
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🛠️ Other new updates and bug fixes

  • Added support for custom protocols (e.g., things://)
  • Enabled history navigation buttons on iPad
  • Introduced task creation via API (use ‘+’)
  • Improved performance for pages with many incoming backlinks
  • Resolved a critical mobile editing bug
  • Improved handling of remote images—images now re-upload automatically when dragged from a browser
  • Implemented scrollbars in dark mode
  • Enhanced meeting sorting across multiple calendars
  • Adjusted positioning of the pop-up account menu when resizing the sidebar
  • Fixed an aliasing issue causing duplicate entries
Right now we are working on a couple large projects for the mobile app, including adding tasks and a major performance update. We are also in the process of getting added to the app store 🤞
We’re also testing Claude (instead of GPT4) and working on the virtualization of incoming backlinks, which will play a big role in improving performance.
Keep an eye on our updates!

Written by

Alex MacCaw
Alex MacCaw

Founder and CEO of Reflect