Reflect Tasks Beta

Today we are announcing our Tasks beta for anyone who would like to take it for a spin.

Reflect Tasks Beta
Ever since we launched Reflect, people have been asking us for a way to manage all the todos scattered across their notes.
It turns out that many people use their notes as a kind of scratch pad for their daily tasks. And, while our first priority will always be note-taking, we also want to address this use-case.Recently we've made some progress towards this, so today I'd like to announce our Tasks beta.
This Tasks beta gives you basic aggregation and management of tasks across your notes. Note that we've intentionally kept it as simple as possible. Our goal is to cover the 80% of use-cases. More advanced use-cases (such as recurring tasks) should be done in a dedicated task-manager.
To participate, first enroll in the Tasks Beta.
Once enrolled you'll see a "Tasks" tab in Reflect's sidebar. Currently this is only on the desktop and web apps. Eventually we will roll this out across mobile as well.

How to add a task

You can add tasks through the command menu by typing / and selecting “task”, or by typing + followed by a space.
You can convert a bullet to a task using cmd + shift + return.We’ve chosen to differentiate ‘tasks’ from ‘checklists’. You can still create checklists as before (cmd + return), but they won’t be shown in the aggregate tasks view.
Tasks are shown as a round checkbox, compared to checklists which look rectangular.
notion image

Managing Tasks

You can view all of your tasks from the tab on the left sidebar.
Under this new tasks tab, you can see all tasks across your daily and regular notes. You can edit, complete, and archive them.
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Scheduling tasks

You can schedule upcoming tasks by clicking the Schedule button, which appears whenever a task is selected.
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Completing and removing tasks

To mark a task as complete, simply check the circle box from the Tasks tab, or from the note the task lives in. Once a task has been completed, you can choose to archive it.
If you decide to remove a Task without completing it, simply convert it to a checklist to remove it from the list.
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To learn more about how to use this new Tasks tab, see our video walkthrough on YouTube.
As you're testing this new feature, please keep in mind that it is still in beta and we will be tweaking it here and there.
Lastly, join the #tasks channel in Discord to see updates and give us feedback.

Written by

Alex MacCaw
Alex MacCaw

Founder and CEO of Reflect