Toolshed #005 - Jason Levin of Cyber Patterns

Jason Levin is a content creator for startups and VC firms. He also writes a content strategy newsletter called Cyber Patterns for 7k+ readers from around the globe. Check out his favorite tools and daily habits.

Toolshed #005 - Jason Levin of Cyber Patterns

What do Jason’s days look like?

  • Writing blog posts for Cyber Patterns
  • Scheduling tweets for my account
  • Replying to tweets on Twitter / sending DMs
  • Making TikToks and YouTube videos
  • Scheduling tweets for his clients’ accounts
  • Calls with current and prospective clients
  • Calls or coffee with Twitter/startup friends
  • Walking his dog and listening to podcasts

What are the key parts of Jason’s physical work setup?

  • Opal Camera — It’s 10x better than a Macbook camera. Great for podcasts.
  • Picture of doggo — super cute
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What are the most important digital tools he uses?

  • Beehiiv for publishing his newsletter.
  • Readwise for saving highlights from his reading.
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What regular habits are important in his life?

  • Hitting the gym
  • Walking through Central Park
  • Reading in bed at night
  • Taking afternoon naps
  • Sending my newsletter every Sunday

Written by

Sam Claassen
Sam Claassen

Head of Growth at Reflect