10 Best Evernote Alternatives

The best Evernote alternatives for personal note-taking. This list ignores Evernote’s later collaboration features, and focuses on the best single player Evernote alternatives.

10 Best Evernote Alternatives
Evernote pioneered cloud-based note-taking with syncing across devices. It also established systems of organizing digital notes. For many, it was the application that introduced them to digital note-taking.
But Evernote has had a challenging last decade. They raised a large amount of money, and were put under immense pressure to scale. This led to a clunky, bloated product.
They even tried to launch spinoff apps for cooking and address books. It started to lack in its core functionality.
The company struggled with its business model, shifting from a freemium model to introducing more restrictive pricing tiers, which upset some users.
There were reports of internal challenges, including leadership changes and layoffs. Recently, we learned they were laying off their entire US staff, indicating a brighter future is not likely for Evernote.
This has led to the remaining Evernote power users searching for an alternative.
A lot has changed in 2023 for the note-taking landscape. We’ll dive into the best alternatives for Evernote, outlining who each one is best for.

What makes a great Evernote alternative?

Here we are focusing on personal note-taking. We’ll ignore the collaboration and other features that pulled Evernote away from personal note-taking.
We’ll focus on Evernote alternative that are:
  1. Fast and frictionless – the app itself works at the speed of thought (or close) and can capture your thoughts and ideas with ease.
  1. Reliable – you know your notes will always be safe, no matter what happens.
  1. Syncs across devices – take notes from your phone and pick back up from your computer instantly.
  1. Simple and easy to use – a small learning curve so you can get back to taking notes.
  1. Secure and trustworthy – know that your notes will only be accessible to you

The best Evernote alternatives for note-taking in 2023

1. Reflect

Best Evernote alternative for: personal note-taking
Platforms: iOS (iPhone + iPad), Mac OS, Chrome, Safari
Evernote migration? Yes
notion image
Reflect is a networked note-taking app that prioritizes speed, security, reliability and simplicity.
It mimics the way your brain works by forming associations through backlinks in your notes. This forms a map of ideas over time that you can see in the app. The ability to backlink (and use tags) makes Reflect a great option for a second brain.
Reflect is likely to have the best performance out of any note-taking app you've used. The new mobile app startup speed is starting to rival even Apple Notes.
Reflect is also similar to Apple Notes in that it's very easy to use – but with a more visually appealing design. Despite it's minimal interface, Reflect has powerful features built in like a GPT-4 AI assistant, and an AI voice transcriber that lets you take audio notes from your phone lock screen.
All of your notes sync between devices, which is something that Evernote first became popular for.

2. Apple Notes

Best Evernote alternative for: convenience
Platforms: iOS (iPhone + iPad), Mac
Evernote migration? No
notion image
The champion of simplicity, Apple's own native note-taking app remains one of the best Evernote alternatives.
While not the prettiest to look at, Apple Notes is lightning fast and impressively frictionless.
They've also recently added the ability to backlink, although the traditional folder structure remains, so it’s not the best for networked note-taking.
It comes natively installed on Apple devices, and is completely free to use – 2 reasons why many note-takers find themselves coming back to Apple Notes.

3. Todoist

Best Evernote alternative for: task management
Platforms: iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, Web
Evernote migration? No
notion image
If you were using Evernote primarily for tasks and to-do lists, you might want to give Todoist a try as an Evernote alternative.
Despite its minimalist design, Todoist doesn't skimp on capabilities. Features like natural language input, priority levels, and project categorization make task management feel like second nature.
The Karma system, unique to Todoist, gamifies productivity and helps keep users motivated.
Available across almost every device and platform, Todoist offers a free tier with premium features unlocked for a nominal fee – making it an accessible choice for those seeking to elevate their task management game.

4. Mem

The best Evernote alternative for: AI features
Platforms: Mac, Windows, iOS
Evernote migration? Yes
notion image
Memi is a note-taking app trying to make the most out of AI.
It's designed to align with the way modern thinkers work, allowing for effortless organization and retrieval of ideas.
One of the standout features of Mem is its AI. It’s one of the few note-taking apps that has contextual AI, meaning it can review and interact with your notes as a whole.
This comes at a cost – many users report loving the concept but run into performance issues with all the features that have been built in. The AI features also make it impossible for the notes to be fully encrypted.

5. Obsidian

The best Evernote alternative for: intricate knowledge management.
Platforms: macOS, Windows, Linux, Linux, Android, iOS
Evernote migration? Yes
Obsidian has been a crowd pleaser for a while now.
Another “networked note-taking” app, Obsidian has a great backlinking structure, and shows you a 3D visualization of your second brain.
It also has quite a few plugins and features that expand its functionality.
As one might expect, this has led to a bit more of a complex UI. In fact, the learning curve might be one of the biggest things Obsidian has working against it.
Still, many have worked through the learning curve and fallen in love. Its local storage system means your data remains under your control, making privacy one of its standout features.
Obsidian has a free plan but many of the additional features are paid.

6. Google Keep

The best Evernote alternative for: quick notes.
Platforms: iOS, Android, Web
Evernote migration? No
notion image
Google Keep feels more like a digital sticky note system vs. a note-taking app. Then again, Evernote often did as well.
With its easily recognizable color-coded cards and simple interface, Google Keep is a breeze for those who want to jot down thoughts, lists, and reminders without any fuss.
Its integration with other Google services, like Google Drive, ensures that your notes are seamlessly accessible across the Google ecosystem.
Pre-installed on many Android devices and freely available for other platforms, Google Keep remains a favorite for those seeking a straightforward and visually appealing note-taking experience.

7. Microsoft OneNote

The best Evernote alternative for comprehensive note organization.
Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Web, iPadOS, Windows Phone.
Evernote migration? Yes
While Google Keep feels like making sticky notes, Microsoft OneNote feels more like a traditional binder. It presents a canvas-like interface for versatile note capture and organization.
OneNote stands out for users who appreciate handwritten notes, doodles, and sketches.
Its tabbed structure and limitless page canvas make it easy to compartmentalize topics, projects, and subjects.
Integration with the wider Microsoft Office suite provides a seamless experience for those already invested in the Microsoft ecosystem.
The ability to embed files, record audio notes, and collaborate in real time makes it a multi-faceted tool for both individual and team usage.
It is included with Microsoft Office subscriptions and is also available for free.

8. Logseq

The best Evernote alternative for: linked-thinking aficionados.
Platforms: Web, macOS, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS
Evernote migration? No
notion image
Logseq, another bi-directional linking tool, is carving a core set of fans amidst knowledge enthusiasts.
While its interface prioritizes functionality over flashy aesthetics, Logseq provides a seamless experience for those diving into networked thought.
Its outliner-based approach is complemented by the ability to create backlinks, forging connections between related ideas. And yes, it supports both markdown and org mode for the tech-savvy note-takers.
Open-source and privacy-focused, Logseq can be self-hosted or synced with platforms like GitHub – a nod to its commitment to ensuring your data stays yours.
With its growing community and active development, it's no wonder many are making the switch to Logseq.

9. Simplenote

The best Evernote alternative for: a super simple note-taking solution.
Platforms: iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, Web
Evernote migration? Yes
notion image
Living up to its name, Simplenote delivers a clean, uncluttered experience for those who just want to jot down their thoughts without the bells and whistles.
Its minimalist design is its strength, focusing solely on the essentials of note-taking. While it might lack some of the advanced features of its contemporaries, its quick search, tagging system, and version history ensure you have what you need for efficient note management.
The real-time syncing across devices is a cherry on top.
Being completely free and open-source, Simplenote is a breath of fresh air for users seeking simplicity and speed in a note-taking app.
Whether you're drafting ideas or maintaining lists, Simplenote ensures your focus stays on the content.

10. Bear

The best Evernote alternative for: categorizing notes using tags.
Platforms: iOS (iPhone + iPad), Mac
Evernote migration? Yes
notion image
Sitting at the intersection of aesthetics and efficiency, Bear has emerged as a top choice for those who appreciate clean, minimalist note-taking with a touch of flair.
Boasting a sleek design, Bear's interface is not just eye candy; it's built for functionality. The app introduces a tag-based organizational system, which many users find refreshing in contrast to traditional folders. Support for markdown and the ability to link notes make it a robust tool for both casual jotting and more structured writing.
Offered with a free version and an optional Pro subscription for added features, Bear has rapidly gained popularity among Apple users who crave a more curated and beautiful writing environment.

How to choose the best Evernote alternative for you?

Ultimately, the best Evernote alternative will be whatever note-taking app you fall in love with the most. No matter what features or functionality a note-taking app has, it’s useless if you never take notes (or spend more time formatting and capturing your notes than you do thinking).
Decide on the format and functionality of a note-taking tool that matches your workflows the best. Find the tools that match it, and give each a solid try for several weeks before committing.
You might find that the app with the most features is actually not your best fit as an alternative to Evernote.

Written by

Sam Claassen
Sam Claassen

Head of Growth at Reflect